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DeadandFunky's News

Posted by DeadandFunky - December 7th, 2018

FYI, if you're going to give me poor ratings, please tell me why my art piece sucks or whatever.  I need to know why to improve my stuff.  Is it poor line work?  Does it just look ugly?  Please tell me, I would tell you what you need to improve on - or if I just do not like your art whatsoever, I don't vote at all and leave your stuff alone!  Newgrounds, the website itself, tells you to give criticism if you give the artist a poor rating!

Without seeing your criticism, I wont know who you are or why my stuff is garbage.  I'm sorry, this is just very discouraging and harsh.


Thank you for your understanding!


Posted by DeadandFunky - December 6th, 2018

I've noticed that most of the popular stuff on NewGrounds (and just any social media website where you can post your own artwork) are fan art, cartoon girls, porn, or all three in one drawing.

I'm going to draw more of those (NOT PORN THOUGH, I'm never going to post stuff like that)

Posted by DeadandFunky - November 13th, 2018

I try to be a little reserved about my medical related stuff, anxieties and what not, but this is important for me to tell you.  Ive been going through spinal pain for a while now. All the time i have to force myself to make art but the pain can be so excruciating that it feels like Im doing slave work instead of doing something for fun.

For the sake of recovery and my anxiety, Im going to relax until December (at least).  I might do other things but not like art that takes more than a week, and has to be rushed out every week. 

Sitting on a computer hurts me.  Sitting on a recliner to draw hurts me.  Even my bed hurts me sometimes and i wake up with very stiff muscles.  I need to stop forcing myself for my own game.

I need to just be happy with my life.  Being glad what I can do: Play more video games, talk with friends, binge watch YouTube and TV, show my support to my loved ones, etc.

I need to stop this now, for my own health.  I need to stop being concerned about trying to keep an audience online -- I can do it later!

I need to focus on myself.  Thank you all for understanding, my very small audience tbh lol.

Your support keeps me going, but at the same time, I have to stop... For now.

Posted by DeadandFunky - November 9th, 2018

I know this is the second time I made something like this news update, but I was working on an animation lately.  It's a 10second gif but its been taking me 1-2 weeks to finish because I spent so much time on a specific part.  I have already began to lose my sanity lol

So, I'll save it for some other time and now get back to making 1 frame 2D drawings.

Btw I'm using a different keyboard its so tiny ohmygod

Posted by DeadandFunky - October 19th, 2018

Almost done with the drawing, but I've been going through spinal pain for four months now.  I just went to the doctor this morning, and she said I should be doing more stretches at home plus take some pain medication.

I apologize the drawing has been taking a bit of time.  I'll get it done tonight or tomorrow on my desktop, just need to reeelaaaxx...

Oh, I forgot to mention: I'll be on vacation for the next week or two.  Finally get to have fun again and give myself time to heal.


Have a great weekend, everyone! :)


Posted by DeadandFunky - October 9th, 2018

I just realized something that's probably a no-brainer for others: I don't have to focus on what medium over everything else, I should do each of them at different times when I feel like doing them!

I shouldn't just focus only on drawing, videos, or writing, I should do any of them at a more consistent level at any point to keep me sane and healthy.  I always fret on what specific thing I should do, but now I know I really don't have to anymore.

With that in mind, I can't wait to see what stuff I'll make and show to you guys in the future!  :D

Posted by DeadandFunky - September 30th, 2018

The worst thing an artist of any skill can have is negativity.  I still suffer from it but I suggest to always try to figure new strategies to push upcoming projects, teamwork is the best option.  

A good friend once told me when I feel like this, I should "tell my mind to f*** off."

Posted by DeadandFunky - September 23rd, 2018

I'm new, hello!  I like making stuff