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Deleted Social Media, Making New Stuff, Improving my Image

Posted by DeadandFunky - October 14th, 2020

I try not to talk about drama or anything, but I just want to say I want to move on and improve myself as a person. For the past year or so I had been dealing with some sort of depression cycle, and that largely has to do with being isolated in real life (due to COVID and not attending a school I actually like for the second year in a row but have to put up with due to budgetary or pandemic concerns) and drama that I accidentally caused online for myself. I've had at least three situations of drama due to miscommunication and being depressed because of isolation and overexposure of social media. This drama deals with people who know the name of my YouTube alias, which is what this Newgrounds account has been named as since creation. Up until 2019, never have I expected or experienced so much drama in my life, and that was until I started using Discord. All of what is discussed in this post is why I deleted my two Twitter accounts, YouTube channel, and Discord.

I don't want to be known as a pathetic, miserable individual who keeps making hell for himself with his own actions, one who's been affected by online negativity and huge amounts of stress and continues the onslaught of negativity and toxicity brought onto him to other people. It seems that being online has done more harm than good for me, and I was slowly becoming more and more depressed around and more and more angry with everybody I knew online, even to people who used to be close to me, due to mistrust, miscommunication, and lies about me and others. Now that I finally got rid of all my social media, I can finally make a new beginning for myself. I can finally stop worrying so much about life and move on with a brand new outlook. I will be making a new persona for myself for my artwork and will also refrain from being so personal with my thoughts online. I just want to be a positive person, and I think reducing social media will really help. I can focus on my art projects and release them online for others to enjoy with me. I will be making a new username for myself as well! :)

I will be making another YouTube channel, don't worry! You'll still see new content on there and here on Newgrounds! I also have the best of the videos I made on that channel archived, so expect some reuploads!! I'll eventually make a new Twitter too but only for status updates about my channel or sharing links of videos, not so much for personal reasons like following and liking other people's content on Twitter - because that can get mixed up with insanely negative posts from others as well.

As much as I want to complain to you all about some of the things I've gotten into, I know some of the things I've said and done are my mistakes. Some of the drama, however, were heavily exaggarrated by others due to being blown out of proportion and overlooked by large groups of people online, but I acknowledge that even the ones that are inaccurate or not true to what the actual circumstances/statements were are all mainly due to my lack of caution. I've been more and more cautious about what I say online since these events, and I know that most of this drama is not something I ever had or will see in real life. I'm just glad I can finally make a new beginning for myself, yet do the things I enjoy.

I hope to share more content with you guys again soon enough. Anyways, back to working on this animation!! Hope to get it done by 2021 and then create and share more frequent projects and videos for the rest of that year! ;)



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yea man, fuckkkkkkk social media. no one needs to know the thoughts in someone elses head unless you ask. but also, huzzah on trying to stay positive~

join my bike gang.

Ah yeeee, thank you! :)